Monday, 14 October 2013

House pics with the lodgers furniture

We have some lodgers in the house while we work on the outside, they have kindly allowed us to wander through. 
Upstairs billiard room, but no billiard table
My study with a bed 
Nicks room

Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 212 - House officially complete

The house is now complete, but we will not move in for a few more weeks while we work to stabilise the mud pit the house is built on.
Progress has started with the driveway and decking at the back of the garage, but we still need a few more retaining walls, decking out the back, some grass, landscaping, and plants.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 211 - decking around the side complete

And all locks now in place. Bank inspector has given it the nod, just need the utilities besides power connected and we are right to move in

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 210 - Almost there

Front is looking good, last coat of paint on the inside seems to be progressing well and the decking at back of the Garage is nearly complete. Should all be good by EOD Thursday. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 209 - stairs to Family room

Steps have now been stained with an excellent attempt to match the floor boards

Day 209 - EOD

Progress on driveway, aggregate to be exposed tomorrow I guess. 
Sideway behind garage starting to take shape with concrete laid, and decking posts in position. 
Care need to be taken with all paths laid next to the Hebel, as the hebel overhangs the slab, care needs to be taken that no concrete goes under the hebel, if it does then it is likely that at some point it will rip the hebel off the house due to the fact that the path is lighter than the house and will move more with the natural expansion and contraction of the underlying clay

Still chasing council to approve my fixing the crossover - that might be enough along with all the kitchen and laundry stuff for a while

Day 209 - Tidy up

Problem with split level is what to do with the split outside areas? Garage opens to .5 meter drop, as does the laundry. Choices are concrete or wood decking. We are going for wood, with wooden steps down to a concrete area for the boys basketball practice. 

Entry will be adorned with wooden decking
And we have put a gate up the other side to inhibit the dogs freedom of movement.